author interview video with Kent History writer, Katja Hoyer for her book launch of Blood and Iron




Blood and Iron,

by Katja Hoyer

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Promoting Katja Hoyer's

first publication: Blood and Iron

Katja Hoyer is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and has an MA in History and she also writes for The Spectator, The Washington Post, UnHerd, Die Welt and other newspapers on current political affairs in Germany and Europe.

She needed to promote her first book, Blood and Iron, published by The History Press and wanted an initial interview style promotional video that could be used on websites and for Amazon.

By sparking interest in the key questions about democracy and how fragile they were and are, the plan was that this would not just encourage sales but also other interviews with TV and radio stations as well as other institutions and societies.

how we achieved this...

A short author interview with katja hoyer to promote her first book, 'Blood and Iron', published with The History Press

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