main snooker hall at Salisbury Snooker Club

Eyes on the Ball: Dylan goes to Salisbury

A experienced snooker player himself, as well as being the Chairman of the snooker league in Hurst Green, Lee Smith could tell the minute his ten-year old…

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Kim Farnum in Scheherezade

Killer dance and performance showreels: how to stand out

Kim Farnum is a dancer from Company of Dreams, who performed in their tour of their Oriental dance show, ‘Scheherezade’ that finished in November last year. She’s…

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Scheherezade: 5 reasons for a ‘partwork’ approach to documentary film construction

‘So I guess we’ll see something of the video in about a year’s time, when you’ve had time to trawl through all the footage,’ one of the…

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Young and Talented

A few months ago, I started a personal video project to improve my videography skills, and also to capture the spirit and environment of talented youngsters as…

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