Company headshots for

a large IT department

I was contacted by the Head of IT for the London office of Penguin Random House as they needed to refresh the corporate headshots for all his staff across three offices in the UK.

The company wanted to promote their department internally, especially as they had recently undergone some organisational changes, and wanted to show that all their staff could work across multiple locations; the right person would be allocated to the appropriate ticket or project, regardless of where they were physically based. Previously, they had been separate departments, and they didn't have company headshots for everyone in the department.

The deliverables






—They wanted high quality colour photos with studio lighting, shot indoors with a consistent white/grey backdrop.

Black and White

—They also wanted to have black and white versions, just in case they decided to change the look of their intranet.

Thumbnail versions

—The company wanted the images to also work for miniature thumbnails in their intranet and company chat system.

how we achieved this...

this company wanted a consistent look and a clean background, as they also needed to use their images as extremely small thumbnails. In addition, it suited the reliable and professional IT image they wanted to portray in their branding.

As you can see, you can shoot with different coloured backdrops, with blurred backgrounds, and with different poses. or maybe you'd like environmental portraits (my favourite!) in the office or within the premises itself to give a truly authentic and approachable look. It can be particularly effective if you do skilled and specialised work.

I use studio and location lighting to get high quality looks; i adjust this to get the 'look' you're after for your brand.

for a more informal look you may prefer to use different backdrops—you can use your company brand colour or colours as well. this can look amateurish, but not if it's done with great studio lighting.

Corporate headshots using studio lighting on location

I chatted with staff to put them at their ease, and shot tethered, so they could see the results in 'real' time.

This was a really multicultural company. Check out the slideshow below—you can see I really did see all colours, shapes and sizes!

Click on the arrows to see the slideshow...

Do you need company headshots or portraits?

I offer fast turnaround to your technical and branding guidelines, as well being able to shoot with different backgrounds and backdrops, indoors and outdoors, in the studio or on location, as well as work with different types of people at all levels, and different lighting styles to get the desired 'look'.

Why not get in touch to let me know what you need and I can give you a quote within a few hours?

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