A clear brief, planning and preparation is the key to producing successful videos

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8 tips for a successful video brief

Why do you want a video?

Perhaps you've already had some ideas for your video, but before you go further, think about what the aim of the video is.

Do you want to increase your social media presence and get more followers? Promote yourself so you get a job or land better clients? Or sell more products or services?

Or perhaps you want to reduce costs for supporting customers technically? The more specific and measurable the goals, the easier it will be to define what will acheive this. What will people do differently after seeing your videos?


Why should people watch your video?

Essentially all videos aim to either move people emotionally, or entertain them, and do this using story—a problem, conflict or a question that needs and answer or resolution.

What are the key messages you want to get over? It's best to keep this simple, if you can't summarise the message of your video in one sentence, it probably needs simplifying further.

Regardless of whether its a documentary, an interview, or social media branding, there should be something that compels your viewer to carry on watching.


If you've seen samples of videos you like or want (or hate), it's worth showing them as they can serve as inspiration for your video and saying what it is that you like/don't like about them.

Is it an interview? A live event? A 'how-to' video? Or perhaps a behind the scenes documentary of a project, or maybe you want to get across how and why you do what you do?

Do you need your company logo, or branding or colours to appear on the video?

Every video is different—there is no 'one size fits all'...

There may be other questions that come up during the briefing session that are specific to your video, but if you're looking for an accurate and complete quote for a video for you or your business, if you already have some of the answers to these questions, you'll get a quote more quickly, and it's more likely to be complete.

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