Filming an interactive art exhibition at The Royal Academy of Arts, London

April 30, 2020
Antony Gormley at the Royal Academy of Arts, London

Antony Gormley at The Royal Academy of Arts, London

I just love Antony Gormley’s art and installations, and I could see them over and over again. In October 2019 I went to the Royal Academy of Arts in Central London to see his latest exhibition, curated by Martin Caiger-Smith, with Sarah Lea, Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts.

I’m a massive fan of art exhibitions that are not only interactive but also unique because they are so integrated with the architecture of the gallery itself (and therefore unrepeatable). For me the exhibition takes on a new life in the gallery, and I love seeing the spontaneity and the fun of the visitors as they engage with each piece.

For more information on Antony Gormley and this exhibition, check out this article about him on The Royal Academy of Arts’ website.

This is the first of three videos composed of stills and short movies I’ve taken of my favourite interactive exhibitions in the last couple of years, so watch out for the next two…

I’d love to know how long it took them to install all the pieces and how it was planned, and how and who had the say in what was actually shown. This is my longer version of the video, you can see the shorter version on Instagram @lightninginabottleproductions.

The music is Borrtex – Untitled Love Story – 05 Being Together Project, licensed through www.audiio.com