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Product photography

Studio Portraits

natural portraits

environmental photography

Headshot photos

Event photography

Lifestyle photography

Airbnb photos

Property photos

interiors photography

personal branding photos

Commercial photography

pet photography

Fine art photography

Personal branding videos

Events Videos

performance videos


promotional videos

‘How to’ videos

explainer videos

Interview videos

talking head videos

Documentary videos

Social media videos

advertising videos

Travel Videos

Pet and animal videos

Crowdfunding videos

I'm available either for one-off jobs, e.g. a personal branding shoot, copywriting, brainstorming ideas, or filming your event, or I can work with you on a longer projects or on an hourly basis on a regular basis, for example, improving your SEO ranking for your website, growing your social media presence etc. I'm happy to offer a free consultation to discuss what you need and how I might be able to help you.

I offer a flexible service to meet your digital marketing needs

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Additional services

Video and photo editing

Your footage or photos edited

What you get

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Website development

What you get

From the concept to final design

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Project and photography studio management

What you get

From Shoots to larger projects

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Website and SEO audit

What you get

Initial Consultation
Audit report

SEO review

Blog recommendations

Website improvement

Social Media opportunities

Ads recommendations

Implementation (if required)

Improve your website's performanance and SEO ranking

If you need a review of your website and social media to check how good your SEO is and how to improve it, I offer an audit service, with a clear report with recommendations, which you can then either decide to action yourself, or hire me to help fix this for you.

In addition to checking your SEO and ranking, I offer suggestions on how you can improve the way you connect with clients. And then if you need photos or video, or training in how to take better digital images or footage for your business, I offer this service as well.

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