How I can help you reach your ideal clients with photography and video...

...By having high quality and consistent photos and video on your website and social media, you can show your ideal clients exactly how they'll feel and benefit from working with you... or from buying your products or services...

The Process


Project Briefing


If you don’t have a brief, I’ll guide you through what I need to know, so you get exactly what you want and need . I’ll confirm in an email afterwards with a quote for the work. If you have any questions or need to modify the project, that’s all fine too.

Concept Development

This could include making up moodboards, storyboards or a shot lists for simpler jobs or photo only jobs, brainstorming, testing, location scouting if necessary, finding actors, script ideas, music etc. This helps firm up the brief so you get a really clear idea of what you're getting.



This includes booking any venues, transport needed, actors, other staff e.g. animators, drone, specialised kit, props, getting everything ready for the shoot and keeping everyone in the loop and informed. If there are costs, a deposit may be payable at this stage. Risk assessment and ensuring compliance for insurance where required.


The Shoot

We get everything set up and shoot. This is usually the shortest and simplest part of the job!



I download the footage, back it up, review and edit your films, and depending on the project I may send over preview clips so you know what to expect. It really depends on the job but the post-production stage of the filming process is the part that takes the longest - multi-syncing camera footage and external audio, optimising the sound, and then editing the footage, choosing and licensing any music that's used, as well as balancing and colour grading the final video.

If you're just having photos, then the post-production process is much quicker. This includes balancing and correcting images, as well as any additional manipulation of the images required to achieve the look you want.



You'll get an unlisted or private link to your watermarked images, and or your films, for approval. Once approved, you'll receive your invoice. Payment is usually before delivery of the final films, unless otherwise agreed.


Do I need to prepare for our initial consultation meeting?

How much does commissioned photo or film or combined video/photography content cost?

It's difficult to give an off-the-cuff answer to this, as every single job is different. The price depends on what the shoot involves, where it is, what kit will be needed, how many photos and videos are needed and how long the final films need to be and how complex the edits are.

If you'd like a price I recommend you get in touch and we can have a chat about your project, and then I can give you a realistic quote on both the time and cost for the job.

You should at this stage, have an idea of who you want to see your videos (and photos), and where they'll see them, as well as why you want them.

I can guide you on the brief, and where appropriate, I'll send this over to you in advance of our (zoom or face-to-face) meeting so we can agree what's needed as quickly and effectively as possible.

I don't know what photo or video content I need...

What about Covid-19 and other risks?

I'm here for you too! We'll start by assessing what content you've got already, and review how your current branding is working for you, and I'll give you free and no-obligation advice on what you can do, taking your budget into account.

Before every job, we'll review what risks there might be, and agree how best to ensure that the filming and the photography complies with any laws and regulations, as well as being as safe as possible.

Still got Questions?

If you've still got questions, please get in touch with me. I'm always happy to have a chat with you to help you make up your own mind on what you want and need, and that you make the right decision for you.

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