Kape nut butters styling for product photoshoot

Amazon and website videos to showcase and market Kape's deliciously healthy nut butters

Kape wanted some eye-catching and upbeat videos that would show clients how versatile their nut butters and nuts were, and how they could be used in so many different types of recipes.

They primarily wanted videos for their website and for Amazon, but with the option to edit and adapt and repurpose shorter and different formats for instagram and for other social media.

In addition they wanted some high resolution photographs taken as well as stills from the video that they could use on their website.

The deliverables







In addition to the three videos, I also supplied a variety of high resolution images of their products, as well as a range of stills from the videos, that could be used for social media and on their website.

The third video was a short 'About Us' video that could be used on their website to welcome visitors and invite them to try out their nut butters

The second video explained how Kape's nut butters were unique and better than others on the market

The main video needed to showcase the nut butters and nuts used in real-life situations and recipes.

how we achieved this...

showcasing how Kape's nut butters can be used in different recipes

Kape almond butter with jar of almonds
picture of range of Kape nut butters styled for the branding photoshoot

the kitchen was arranged to show a selection of their nut butters in a 'natural' environment for filming and photographing on the day of the shoot.

close-up of Kape nuts and spices
Slide for branding for Kape Foods
styled photo of products in kitchen for photo shoot

In addition to high resolution photographs of Kape's product range I also supplied them with stills from the video footage. These were edited in post-production to colour match to give a consistent look to all the images provided to the customer.

Kape pumpkin nut butter

In addition to the main video to show off Kape's nut butters and other products, we also recorded one of the business owners talking about the benefits of their products and why they are so desirable and special.



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