Giving a new Etsy store a sales boost—and fast— with professional product photos

Maxene had been hiring out props for weddings and events using her website for some time, using her mother's barn to store her pieces, but after her mother passed away she decided to change strategy and to sell her vintage props and special pieces instead, so that she would be less reliant on long-term third-party storage, which would too expensive to make the business viable.

Therefore she decided to set up an Etsy store to target her ideal client, and needed high quality photos to show off her products and get the highest price she could for them. There was also a deadline—the barn was going to be sold and therefore she had to move really fast, to get the store up and running, and her pieces sold.

The deliverables






Large number of items

—An entire barn with hundreds of antiques and props to be photographed

Consistent colour and lighting

—All the products needed to look like they were taken in similar light conditions in order to give a professional look

All different sizes

—Large pieces of furniture

—Statues and lights
—Paintings and artworks

—Vases and vintage cups and saucers

Different materials







how we achieved this...

Just a small selection of the items shot for Makkyloudesignloft's etsy page...

Need product shots?

I can do both high volume photography for cheaper items or high quality shots for unique and bespoke items, or both if there is enough time!

If you need fast turnaround for both shooting and editing, I can also do this for you.

Why not get in touch to let me know what you need and I can give you a quote within a few hours.

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