Photographs to make an impact for their feature article on the front page of Muddy Stilettos

Beth Barker Designs specialises in bespoke interior design, including a turnkey service (where they take care of everything, from design to completion, according to your vision, and you just have to turn up and be dazzled and amazed by what she's done). She intuitively knows how to get the perfect design that suits you perfectly, and which will enhance the way you live.

I've photographed her projects on a number of occasions, for her website, including properties for high end lettings and sales. She often works with contracts that require strict client confidentiality, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to take photos for when she was chosen for a front-page headline feature article on Muddy Stilettos' website for one of her Sussex interior design projects.

The deliverables






Living room

—Wide-angle shots showing the full design

—The original moodboard

—Mid-shots showing larger pieces of furniture

—Close-up lifestyle shots of details

Shower room

—Mid to wide-angle shot to show as much as possible of the room

—Detail shot of the lighting design


—Wide-angle shots to show the whole design

—The original moodboard

—Mid-shots showing the bath and the trio of lights and the shower

—Detail shot of the tiling pattern


—Wide-angle shot to show the whole room and the link to the bathroom

—Mid to wide shot showing the custom-made panel behind the bed

how we achieved this...

I set up several different wide angle shots to get the overview of the living room as well as shot of the alcove (see top picture). I'm So happy their dog decided to put in an appearance and strike the perfect pose!

The room was designed around the abstract picture that the owners loved, and the rug was a special piece that beth found that was just perfect for this room.

Just imagine lying in this bath and enjoying this view... Beth designed an sumptuous, elegant and practical bathroom. Just look at the sun pouring in. isn't it gorgeous? The shower is behind the bath, where you can see set of three lights which beth also sourced for this design.

Next to the bathroom is the bedroom, with the panel behind the bed which beth designed, along with a door to the left to the walk-in wardrobe. A beautiful and practical bedroom...

beth moved an internal wall to create an additional shower room—not only practical, but adding value to the property

A cosy wood fire, beautiful windows and an incredible view....

“I have friends begging for Beth’s number after they have seen her work in our home.”

Let the photos do the talking...



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