The Italian Chapel

May 19, 2020

A beautiful Italian chapel can be found in a field in Orkney

I was astounded to see the delicateness and the softness of the paintings in this tiny little chapel in the middle of nowhere in Orkney.

This beautiful chapel was built in their spare time from leftover materials, by Italian prisoners of WWII who were held on Lamb Holm and made to build the Churchill Barriers.

The main building was made up of two Nissen huts joined together, and with leftover concrete and plasterboard. Domenico Chiocchetti, from Moena, the Trento area of Italy, painted the interior (the sanctuary part that you see in the film) and other prisoners painted the rest of it.

In fact, he even stayed on after the war to finish it and to return to restore it years later. They used old corned beef tins and an old exhaust pipe, amongst other things, quite astounding when you see how light and beautiful it is inside.

It feels incredibly peaceful inside, quiet and tranquil. I don’t normally visit churches and chapels on trips away, but this is really is a magical little place, and I think it might be the most beautiful chapel I’ve ever seen.

Music is Emotional Church by Sebastian Kauderer, licensed with www.audiio.com

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I took this film while working with Margaret, a photographer based in Scotland who provides amazing retreats.

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