A few examples of the many different types of travel and social media videos I've shot for Quiet Landscapes to showcase their workshops and work in Scotland.

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YouTube videos for an award-winning photographer

in remote scotland

Sunrise Stromness Colin Smith

YouTube videos from Scotland—from wild swimming to mindful photographic retreats

how we achieved this...

Promotional video for Quiet Landscapes workshops, run by Margaret Soraya

Featured Videos


'How to' video: Aperture explained...

Wild swimming in Scotland...

'What's in my bag?' Show 'n tell video of essential gear for wild swimming...

shorts for Social Media: Orkney

Peaceful water RIPPLes: Collaborative short with Janette Beveridge

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Stones of Stennes


A 'talking head' or interview style video can often be the best way of connecting personally with your customers, especially when selling your services, as people really want to see what you're like and if they'll be happy working with you.



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