Filming a photography workshop at Churchill Barriers, Orkney

March 24, 2020

The Churchill Barriers, Orkney

It feels really surreal, that just a couple of weeks ago I was in Orkney and it was so peaceful, and now we’re surrounded by fear and uncertainty and panic. I think like many I still feel in denial, on the outside looking in, viewing it all a bit like a movie but not actually real life, and then feeling apprehensive about how long this state will last. And hoping that it will be over soon.

So I thought the 3rd of my series of instavideos featuring the participants, ‘Behind the Photographer’ was particularly appropriate. This was shot on the #quietlandscapes photography retreat with Margaret Soraya and Paul Sanders, and shows a stunning final photograph by Frankie Mcallister.

Where are we? The Churchill Barriers. After the Navy was devastated by a German submarine, Churchill ordered a series of causeways to be built, so they would never suffer the same fate again. They were built largely by Italian prisoners of war from the Isle of Lamb Holm, and after the war, linked the mainland with the smaller islands.

It’s so my hope that by putting up barriers now that eventually we become closer and kinder in the long term. It certainly feels very much for me right now that I can only take life one day at a time. I’m so grateful I made it to Orkney before it all, and if it helps you feel happier and look forward to better times to come, then I’m happy.

If you’re thinking that you need some video, maybe if you’re making the transition to working from home, possibly permanently, please do get in touch. I specialise in helping others get their talents recognised, and I love creating and producing videos that showcase who they are and what they do. ⁠ ⁠

Music – Across the Railroad by Sonant, licensed with www.audiio.com ⁠

Margaret Soraya and Paul Sanders from Quiet Landscapes work really hard to create the perfect safe and nurturing environment for people to take stock and reflect on what direction they want to take their creativity in.⁠ ⁠

For more information about Margaret Soraya’s photography retreats, go to www.quietlandscapes.co.uk